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To be honest, if I see someone being fanatic about something, even if it's a good thing (like being against pedophilia), that's an instant block.

I saw the type too often in the past and just being around them isn't save for me. Because I have to constantly watch my words, as to not be a target. Because to those people, everyone is a target and everyone who hasn't betrayed them will do so sooner or later (in their minds)

So I just cut them out, for safety.


personal, advocats, negative 

Luckily that mentality is mostly on Twitter and those who can't detach from that site.

I haven't seen many of them here and those I have seen, I have either muted or blocked.

But mostly things are chill here. Which might also be because this is just my little box of social media here, where I make sure what I allow in and what not and have a much larger control about everything, than Twitter could ever possibly offer.

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