If you like rogue like games, I suggest you try out this one:

It's what it says, with some very well make graphics (considering the 4 color palette it's a stunning work in my eyes) and has some nice mechanics to it, that makes it fun to play!

@maxine i ADORE this game. It's so fantastic! It's really satisfying to go deeper and deeper. And when I realized I could hold the arrow button to keep a temporary torch light on me? I felt SO smart lol.

@SuperCee Yeah and I like that the light goes out even when holding.

That makes you really want to balance between light to explore and arrows to shoot.

@maxine I don't even like Roguelikes tbh, so tired of them at this point, but I looove the lighting mechanics in this game.

@SuperCee rogue likes weren't really my thing honestly. But I just love the light mechanics too and the minimalist approach.

There is barely any music and the art is also super simple, but it fits so very well together and trying to preserve arrows or just jumping into the dark is fun!

@maxine agree! It's a perfect example of like, I would buy these games on switch for a few bucks easily. It's great quality, short and tight experience, fun in bursts. It's perfect switch gaming for me.

@SuperCee That's also the type of games I want to make honestly.

Not much commitment. Pick it up, play a little and have fun/relax, then do other things again.

@maxine i don't know if it's going to be possible, but I want to try and aim to get a new game on switch every 6 months or so? Not big games, just cute, fun 5-10ish dollar games, see if we can make that work cuz it sounds amazing tbh.

@SuperCee I aim for something similar honestly.

Like 2 games a month as a soft goal. If I can't reach it it's fine, but making that would be cool.

Though it would be mostly pico games

@pillowcat @maxine (I mean that's the goal. We have before but I don't want to make promises lol.)

@SuperCee @pillowcat I think it's most just scope. You can do it, but the more important question is: Is it really what you want?

@maxine @SuperCee Something like that, yeah. I mean, I don't want to be rushed, but I'd rather it took long because that was the time required, as opposed to being unable to focus well enough to do it as actively as I'd like.

@pillowcat @maxine Honestly I don't think I've ever worked LONGER than 6 months on a single game project in my decade plus making games lol. But when I say 6 months it sounds wild since everything seems to take so long and indie devs keep doing 5-10 year games?

@SuperCee @maxine What takes me so long is more that I spend so much time *not* developing. All the games I'm working on can't have more than a month's time of work on them, but I started that work years ago.

@pillowcat @maxine oh yes! THAT makes complete sense. We're in an extremely lucky situation where we're going to be able to just focus on game dev and not need to run other jobs.

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