@maxine Depends on what you consider a shotgun. I'm currently leveling Akbronco. Then there's Zarr. But the game doesn't consider either of them to actually be part of the shotgun section. I don't really have any beyond that.

@KitsuneAlicia Primary shotgun, the game considers one.

Today's sortie is Ambula assassination with shotgun only and they are an arse on their own, so I think we should do them together if so and it's good to know what you can bring.

Maybe look through your stuff and find something that'll fit?

It would be good to do it, for the 5 sorties act

@maxine Yeah, plus being Ambulas, I could use the tokens to help farm Trinity.

@maxine But yeah, I have zero shotguns atm. The one shotgun I had was a requirement to build Zarr. I guess I'll have to pick one up and level it real quick. Any recommendations?

@KitsuneAlicia @maxine The corinth and the arca plasmor are amongst my favourites. The strun wraith is also a very good shotgun, unlike the others a status shotgun so reaching 100% status is important but unlike all others it only needs 3 60/60s so you can do it even before you have the mod from Baro, still good to get that one though as electric is one of the most useful. The reason is the sortie, but not sure if you can make it in time if you have to start building it now.

@KitsuneAlicia @maxine It'd be good though to make sure you have at least one weapon of each category though, otherwise sorties might lock you out. The categories is rifles, bows, sniper rifles, shotguns, secondaries and melee.

@ulvra @maxine Yeah, you're the 2nd one to recommend me the Arca Plasmor, and the whole futuristic tech thing always gets me over other stuff, so I'll probably just get Corinth for this, master it, then work on the Arca for a more permanent solution.

@KitsuneAlicia @maxine Both are good. The arca plasmor only has a single projectile, so it's status potential is limited, however it's a good hybrid that still performs both crit and status, with projectiles the size of a car which has innate punch through, but also if you don't hit a body continue anyway. It can also shoot around corners as only the centre counts as a hit. It does not have innate terrain punch through though. It's a great weapon in general and a perfect match for a Mag too.

@maxine @ulvra Hahaha! That's... wow. XD

Btw, I grabbed Baza the other day and I'm having fun with it, so at this point, I have all the other categories covered.

@KitsuneAlicia @maxine Baza is good. I haven't made it myself yet because it requires a forma and I'm short, but I know of its potential. Plus naturally silent weapons is always a nice bonus.

@ulvra @KitsuneAlicia another shotgun that might be worth a try

Boar it's an automatic shotgun, that can be fun, but has an upgraded version (so likely just for Mastery)

You do have a blueprint though (because they dropped in the 1h survival a lot)

The prime variant is a lot more fun and aesthetically better though

@maxine @KitsuneAlicia Aye, quite. Since you don't really have time to rank in this case anyway, may be good to build that, use it to get access, rank it, then toss it for one of the others. You'll still be able to participate if you bring Valkyr since exalted weapons aren't limited.

My only problem is tomorrow I'll be out in the afternoon and evening so not sure if I can wait that long to make the attempt myself.

@maxine @ulvra I actually already mastered Boar and tossed it cuz it wasn't really my thing. I wasn't thinking about sorties at the time. ^_^;

@KitsuneAlicia @ulvra that's OK, get one of the others instead

It's made to toss anyway, because you have the prime variant that's just superior

@KitsuneAlicia @maxine Would at least give you access and it's definitely not wasted. It doesn't have huge status, but it's a critical beast, so modding for crit chance and damage, then taking advantage of hunter munitions and it can do some serious damage. I also throw on the 60/60s to make viral because if you do get a viral proc in there it only makes your hunter munition benefit larger.

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