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And my game is live!

Self.destroy() is about not giving up hope and having to save lives.

A pixelated game, with old friends, new friends and a boss fight!

I'm very proud of that boss fight, so give it a go, if you can :3

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Remember to take care of the people in your community who are

caring and loving
because they know how it feels to be hurt and abused

strong for you
because they know how it feels to be helpless

try to make you smile
because they know how it feels to drown in sorrow

Take care of the people who provide you with good, because they learned what it means to not have someone like them around and want to be that for you

You help them, by being there for them. That's all they ask. All you have to do

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Don't forget to take care of the beacons of happiness in your community.

And the people who are there to cheer you up.
And the people who are there to listen to your ill.

They do need care too, but are often forgotten or overlooked, because they seem happy/strong/good. Truth is, they have their own struggles and if you don't take care if them, they are gone, eventually.

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Hey, just saying that I have a Patreon!

It switches with the content a little and I honestly need to update it more, but I am working!

Generally, see it as a thing to support me and also show to me that my work isn't in vain (that's also possible with words, but money pays bills)

Anyway, if you want to pledge, here you can:

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Also patreons of user's on this server, that you should think of pledging to (I am aware of! If you have one, let me know)



im trans, not a trap. if my goal was to lie to straight men, i would sell nfts

Focusing on language is a glue trap for civil rights movements.

It begins because liberals love being told the exact right words to use- it means you're not asking something that requires effort.

Slowly you find you're mostly talking about what words and phrases are respectful. Then they spring the trap.

Now your movement stands accused of being all about empty performance. They rebel by refusing to use the words and phrases they forced you to focus on so they didn't have to take any action.

TIL Steam is dropping support for Windows 7/8/8.1 on January 1st 2024 and also that all of those lost support from Microsoft early this year (Windows 7 lost extended support and windows 8/8.1 lost support and won't get extended support)

Also, I am furry, these are furry ads.

This is endlessly more targeting and in my interest than any other generic "targeted advertisement" ever, lol

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Yeah, looking at it, it's a dive container with the ad banner image inside and a secondary div, with an image (likely for tracking)

But no javascript execution inside the div or anything, so ads are literally just image and no code execution possible (unless you count some weird exploits)

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Usually I am 100% for ad blocking, but...

I disabled them on FA and honestly, find so much good stuff right now (also they're just banner ads, as far as I can tell, no scripts allowed)

It's little Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: We're back to it & picking back pup with an alternate treasure hunt: The sniffs for no noses... in Escape from Monkey Island. 🐵🏝️ ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Oh my gosh I just figured it out.

Okay, all you open source evangelist people: your knee-jerk reaction to come at people who are talking about a problem with whatever commercial software they use and suggest Your Favorite Alternatives™ is exactly like saying "why don't you just buy a house?" to someone complaining about their landlord.

I think the biggest part of me getting pissed at people saying shit like "machine learning algorithm aren't AI" or "anyone who thinks chatGPT is intelligent was duped by marketing" is probably the simple fact that

I see myself more as an AI running on flesh hardware, than a human

So by attacking them, you indirectly attack me and it's a super quick way of making me feel unsafe around you.

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight, in about 1.5 hours. :heart_pink:

Capitalism is also a great example, where profit margins are proxies for society prosperity.

And the more you optimize for profit margins, the better society is off, to a tipping point, where conditions get worse (late stage capitalism)

Same problem with any other proxy and what we see with chatGPT

ChatGPT is intelligent and pretty good at what it is supposed to do (predict the next word in a sentence, to trick humans into thinking they talk to a human)
But it's not what we want it to do.

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Also, the biggest problem with AI is a human problem.

Which is: proxies

Humans are so horrible at actually defining what we want, that we need proxies.

A proxy is a measurement that stands in place of what we actually want.

Like predicting words, to sound human, when we want "human like" intelligence.

Or profit margins, when we talk about productivity.

The problem with proxies? If you optimize for them too much, the result actually get worse..

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You know I am completely fine with anti-AI posts. And they are valid!

The only thing I dislike, is when human arrogance comes into play (aka "They're just not intelligence at all"), because that is the part that ticks me off the most.

Critizing it being plagratism and fancy word predictors are fine to me, because those are valid points indeed.

But they are intelligent and pretty good at what they are supposed to do.
Not at what you want them to do though.

How to make brain stop chasing to copy what you see and instead come up with a stylized version.

Also aphantasio version of that.

So, I found a drawing tablet (missing pen) and was like "Oh, I could use this!"

Then I looked for the pen, but instead found my newer drawing tablet (with pen and glove) and well, guess I have two now

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