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And my game is live!

Self.destroy() is about not giving up hope and having to save lives.

A pixelated game, with old friends, new friends and a boss fight!

I'm very proud of that boss fight, so give it a go, if you can :3

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Remember to take care of the people in your community who are

caring and loving
because they know how it feels to be hurt and abused

strong for you
because they know how it feels to be helpless

try to make you smile
because they know how it feels to drown in sorrow

Take care of the people who provide you with good, because they learned what it means to not have someone like them around and want to be that for you

You help them, by being there for them. That's all they ask. All you have to do

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Don't forget to take care of the beacons of happiness in your community.

And the people who are there to cheer you up.
And the people who are there to listen to your ill.

They do need care too, but are often forgotten or overlooked, because they seem happy/strong/good. Truth is, they have their own struggles and if you don't take care if them, they are gone, eventually.

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Hey, just saying that I have a Patreon!

It switches with the content a little and I honestly need to update it more, but I am working!

Generally, see it as a thing to support me and also show to me that my work isn't in vain (that's also possible with words, but money pays bills)

Anyway, if you want to pledge, here you can:

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Also patreons of user's on this server, that you should think of pledging to (I am aware of! If you have one, let me know)



It's midweek Friday & it's time time... for zooms! :whats_this: We're opening pup the Mystery Box™️ tonight, for something special... something new, yet familiar. ^-^
:heart_pink: :heart_pink:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight, in about 2 hours. :heart_pink: Something special planned tonight. ^-^

The ad block user experience: "Wait! YouTube has ads?"

Son: Is everyone in our family a pyromaniac?

Father: We arson.

I might be talking about boys and boobs lately, but also honestly?

I really think that boys growing boobs and staying boys should be more socially accepted.

Boys can have titties if they want to and be good boys for that

I just did my weekly hormone therapy injection and I’m getting better at it. I don’t sit there for a solid minute staring at the needle, a hair’s width away from my skin going full on Mitch McConnel style, catatonic state trying will myself to stab myself.

I only freeze for about 15 or 20 seconds now. 😐

Boys should be allowed to have cute boobs.

Especially bunny boys

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: Winter is upon us, so we're suiting pup warm & getting cozy tonight... in Stardew Valley! 🏡 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Finally had the opportunity to do something in my main project (Nova the Squirrel 2) that wasn't just drawing yet more stuff: I added a line to the fishing rod ability. I had a realization of an easy way to implement it last night and put it in.

I just took the difference between the rod and the hook, divided it by 8, and added the divided distance several times to get each circle's position. Also the circles are just the hook drawing itself additional times, temporarily changing its position.

#gamedev #snes #snesdev #homebrew

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