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Hey, just saying that I have a Patreon!

It switches with the content a little and I honestly need to update it more, but I am working!

Generally, see it as a thing to support me and also show to me that my work isn't in vain (that's also possible with words, but money pays bills)

Anyway, if you want to pledge, here you can:

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Also patreons of user's on this server, that you should think of pledging to (I am aware of! If you have one, let me know)



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Hey, I want to populate Anne and Beth with images again, so that they post them.

Let me know what stuff you want to see.

So going to stream some art!

No voice, but music will run in the background.

I'm going to draw synthy pixel art for my maze game (player sprite and tileset)

Come join watching if you like :purple_sparkling_heart:

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I'm going to stream some art making for my maze game in a little bit.

Mostly tileset creation and character creation though.

Link comes when I start

OK, do more code or do some art?

I need art for the windows release anyway (as it will only get the SDL version), but should make the rest of the game.

Though, it is already playable and fun to play (at least I think so)

Takes a long time to compile though... and this is just a test run. So gonna do that again in a little.

imagine a world where the anarchists won the spanish civil war though, I feel like things would be so fuckin different because we'd have this example of a country that made anarchism work on such a large scale (I mean, they did that anyway, pretty much like a quarter of spain was around 75% worker controlled, but nobody talks about it for some reason)

Installing libncurses5-dev from source, because the maintainer compile the static libcurses.a still with shared libraries, which makes me wanting to statically link... fail

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
Don't compare your progress
to that of someone else
Everyone works at different speeds
You're doing great and I love you
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ


fucking fantastic you funky lil scruffballs

I ended up getting monitor problems, had to practice doodling on a new screen.
Deciding to test making Felix a chonky boy.

Remember the bug I mentioned?

It was some memory layout problem.

I started the array as 2-dimensional, then changed it to 1-dimensional.

That broke the maze creation.

Switching back broke the displaying then.

I did some tinkering on the display code though, keep the maze generation one 2-dimensional and it works now!

Decided to do a colour experiment while I was here

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Sooo, work of today.

I am pretty proud of this, even though it is buggy as well.

It feels like old Atari (2600) games and I like that.

Well, a few more things will be added, but I think I stick with the colors.

(also this doesn't run on standard xterm terminals, unless you set "TERM=xterm-256color", but it works fine in framebuffer based terminals)

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