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waking me up at 9 am by mowing the lawn : literally let it grow. let the fucking plants live please

i'm posting cause i'm too tired to do anything better

i blame my friend who played it on my speaker like "check out this extremely 2000s song I discovered"

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I've had in the shadows playing in my head for a couple days and it won't go away

I miss living close to the one supermarket that had really good sandwiches really cheap every day

the main reason I want to be on my own instance is I just want control over who I block and who I don't cause mastodon sucks otherwise

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instance mutes are such a terrible implementation. if I open a thread from a person I follow I can't actually see the thread because the instance is muted

I don't even know what raid shadow legends is tbh. I think it's like a tactics game? like a board strategy game? where you buy units for real money like in lol or something? I assume? I don't even know if it's pve or pvp

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This... this *hit,* and Occam (along with what I know of sociology and economics and such) all track wit h this insight as well.

#autism #society


ah, I get it. I forgot to pay the domain renewal and ignored the email because I thought it was the domain my friend handles

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liches are just wizards who found a solution to always forgetting to eat when they get into their books too much

@XerTheSquirrel I've filled the form, hopefully get us federated. don't really know your admin. tho they leave a link to a cybre space instance which is shutting down soon (or did it already)

so yeah, i'll be using @niki as my main for a forseeable future, please follow me there. i'm liking the whole one person instance thing

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Wii Sports (2006) has more features and is more immersive than the MetaVerse and that's because comparing it to Wii Sports Resort would simply be unfair

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