not only mars but venus textures also seem different? was that like an undocumented change in the last update?

am I just confused or does mars have new environmental textures? like ground and stuff

you don't need your own mech for orphix venom, right? they give you one. I just realized i'm just assuming this

also reminder that me and @SapphicGiraffic have a (switch version) clan that you're welcome to join, even if you're just starting :mouse_blob_tea:

"Problem is, see, people are too rich. Not enough to go 'round. That's why we're down this hole."
"Know how you stop someone gettin' too rich?"
"Drop 'em down a hole."

imagine you're just peacefully fishing and then a hecking tusk thumper lands on your head and launches you into the sea out of nowhere


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