*cuts down a tree with an axe* this is the only way to obtain apples from an apple tree

reminder that jess and i are getting married in this sunday!! lmk if you need an in-game invitation!

so how many of those weekly nier quests i need to do before it lets me do the final quest with the achievement and orchestrion roll?

idea: if you put "slave" in your retainer's name the game automatically bans you forever

if i were a healer in i would simply not have a creepy and bad ress macro

someone here has the carbuncle outside walls on like the biggest house and it looks really ugly. it's like the house is too big for it

i finished CLL today btw. still not liking bozja

the current tt tournament rules suck, i'm drawing with literally every player i go against

i think in they should put more levels in the class hunting logs

the werlyt storyline is so bad. who wrote this

if had been made in the west:

will you fight for eorzea or join the empire? choose your side!

what if there was a big kobold and they would eat the mother crystal?

if i was nero i would just hide and initiate the hammer dropping device the moment the WoL is walking directly under

hall of the novice in is good cause it teaches new players how tanks are useless and how you need to do their job as a dps

hi i was just on reddit and read how garlemald's political repression is a reference to communist china

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