trying out this random japanese mmo that i guess is a port from phones and there's 4 genders to chose from at character creation

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i think Neutral A means male character with female animations and Neutral B means female character with male animations

the hair color names are the weirdest names for colors i've ever seen and the colors and styles are basically made so you can recreate your favorite vocaloids in it

there's definitely a lot of options tho. you construct your hairstyle from three separate shape options

i have wolf ears

the mouselook speed is really bad and can't be changed in the options so that's not a good first impression

this game has the floatiest jumps in the history of videogames

also i'm pretty sure i played like a predecessor or an early version of this game when i got my first android tablet 80 years ago

this player has a title saying "Capitalism Rules"

i played the game for 4 hours in one sitting and it gave me an achievement that said something like "you've been playing for quite a while go do something else" but it also gave me a free skill point to use as a reward so kinda mixed signals

the cash shop in this game is absolute bs cause the player costumes are just gacha with really shit chances but i was able to use my 3 free tickets to get mouse ears and tail so it's good actually

for some reason you can equip mouse ears+tail and wolf ears+tail together over each other

look how cute the rat soldiers are. the game is making me kill them :(

omg when you create a second character you can have your other character follow and help as an npc!!!

so I guess the optimal way to play would be to level a character to 30, then level another to 30 while the other helps, then get one of them to 60 and use them as a helper for getting the other to 60 etc... since the exp bonus for other characters gets unlocked by 30s

i tried hiring on of the npc mercenaries to help me in battle and they use a traffic cone as a ranged weapon and have a small dragon stuck in their hair?

@trashguts yeah, but they're only npcs, not playable. also called something else

@trashguts toram online. i keep forgetting the name even while playing it so always have to look it up

@behold3r i'm the type of person to be afraid to admit to being non-biney to majority of people but also stoically say, "oh yeah sure i'm gender neutral b" regardless if the other person would get it was a reference to random unnamed japanese mmo and also not bother explaining or admitting it was a joke if they further questioned it.

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