can I @ the linux instances, could someone adjacent to them boost this, I'm a software engineer with d cups and i don't know how to build a computer, if only there were a strong, capable individual with extremist views on open source software who could help me out of this predicament..... But alas.... No such thing exists.... Not on this federated social media network.... I'll simply have to go to walmart and purchase a HP Slim Desktop Tower Celeron 4GB/1TB Desktop Tower.....


@wgahnagl to build your own computer you first need to buy a lot of legos

@behold3r ive heard about this
i have some legos at home do u think two medium sized tupperware containers of 20 year old legos would do the trick or do u need more than that

@wgahnagl do you have the cute old sharks? from before they made the new ones?

you might need those

@behold3r oohhhhh shiiiit, no I don't have any of those I basically just have normal bricks, wheels, and little single block eyes, I'll go see if I can pick up some sharks, thanks for ur advice

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