so the story of the donkey kong videogame is that mario was abusive to his pet, donkey kong, so he ran away kidnapping his girlfriend pauline, right

what's not exactly defined in the story of the game itself is whether we're supposed to be taking donkey kong as a scared animal or a human-level intellect kidnapper

if it's the first then we can't really blame donkey kong for doing anything. if it's the latter then that means mario was keeping another person as a pet

@behold3r Well, that's a sentence I wasn't expecting to read or perceive at all today -w

@behold3r you did it, you've already made the best worst post of the month

@behold3r these questions sound like you're about to pitch the premise to Donkey Kong Jr.

I feel like Mario's the worst of both worlds here? Like, he's super brutal and attacking a child. Either he's being weirdly vindictive to an uncomprehending animal and its offspring, or he's doing this to people.

like if he was treating them like wild animals he doesn't care about, it's weird that he doesn't just catch the smaller ape and send him to a zoo or something.

@behold3r for all the "actually mario is EVIL" jokes and memes, like, it seems like people forget how much effort seems to have gone into making him look like a total bastard.

like, if he was only in those two games, I think Jumpman would be like, infamous for being such an intense asshole in a format/time where you'd otherwise be fighting a ship or ghost or something

@behold3r anyway my point is that i agree with you that he's a human pet guy and argue that it's canon

@behold3r Donkey Kong is a Pokémon and has whatever intelligence level the plot requires

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