NFTs aren't a scam. scam is when you're tricked into something. with NFTs you can just see how silly and worthless they are. it's like coming across a sewer grate, throwing your money in there, and then saying the sewer scammed you


I disagree. NFTs *are* a scam; it's just that most of the victims think they're scammers too. Sort of like people buying into an obvious pyramid scheme because they think that they'll be able to get out before the whole thing collapses.

@behold3r disagree because you need domain specific knowledge to understand why they're silly and worthless. To you and I it's obvious but to those without technical understanding of computers it isn't

NFTs are scams because they're misrepresented as something they're not - specifically that ownership is being conveyed. Usually the thing it's claimed is being "sold" (like a piece of art) is not the thing being "sold" (a URL). And legally no actual legal rights are sold either

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