Pikachu is not a goddamn mouse, and i don't care what the games tell me. It's some kind of small bear or marsupial perhaps, possibly a raccoon of some type, but it is Extremely Not a Mouse


@swiff pikachu designer said it's a squirrel

@swiff cyndaquil and sandshrew are also "mouse pokémon"

*My beverage glass immediately shatters in my grip as i hear you say those words*

@InternetEh @behold3r @georgespolitzer Ultimately, the question of what pikachu is is of lesser importance to me than emphatically arguing that it is not-- as Nintendo would have us believe-- an electric rodent of any kind

@behold3r @swiff cyndaquil is clearly some kind of marsupial, though. or maybe a monotreme like an echidna or platypus or something

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