already thinkin abt doing a full chicory playthrough for my channel :blobcatmmm:

i still haven't actually 100%d my initial save file? i gotta do that first

but this game is Special and i wanna share the whole experience :blobaww:

thinkin i'm gonna turn on most of the accessibility options? the stuff that makes boss battles easier isn't necessary, since my viewers won't actually be playing the game, but the options for misophonia and photosensitivity and content warnings will for sure be on

gonna place chapter markers whenever a content warning appears, since i won't actually be skipping the cw'd scenes in-game and viewers need to be able to. i think that'll work okay :blobthinking:

honestly i should at least finish some of the many ongoing series i'm juggling around before starting yet another one :blobcatgooglyshrug:

ace attorney trilogy is very close to finished, at least? probably just a few episodes left there

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@behold3r no i am playing nothing right now because i am supposed to be going to bed :blobcatboo:

i am playing odyssey for one of my many ongoing series tho

@behold3r niki i am supposed to be going to bed so that i can sleep :blobcatsurprised:

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