I have spent like 2 hours turning soft yoda into an emo.

I sent this to a friend and she said "I would," and I'm too scared to ask.

Does emo Yoda count as transformative? Could I sell this and claim fair use?

I have to wait for red bubble to give emo yoda shirt the all clear.

Btw all these yoda pics are like free to use if they're legally fair use, but like, don't sell them, that is my limit. Well maybe sell one or two of them to piss disney off.

Dear Fall out Boy,

That wasn't very punk of you.


Ivy Fae, Stand up girl.

MCR if you let me sell this I will buy one of your songs. Not a whole album though that seems excessive. I'll buy that one about a marching band or whatever, seems good for memes.

I might even buy a shirt, fuck it, just let me sell this.


@Ivafakename but for a real advice maybe try a different service than rb

@Ivafakename only thing I know they all agree terf is a slur, idk how they handle copyright

@behold3r you know what fuck it everyone can print their own but they owe me £0.50 if they do.

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