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A comic with two characters: A, a dark-haired person sitting up in a bed against a pillow messing about on a phone, and B, a light-haired person lying across A's legs.

--- Panel 1

B: I thought you said you were asexual?
A: I am.
B: But we just had sex, and it was good.

--- Panel 2 (closeup on A, who's holding up one finger)

A: Asexual is something you _are_, not something you _do_.
A: You're thinking of 'celibate'.

--- Panel 3 (original framing, B has turned to fully face A)

B: Then you don't find me sexually attractive?
A: Not a whit.
BL Then why did you have sex with me?

--- Panel 4 (A, smiling and booping B's nose)

A: Because I like you.
A: And I thought you'd be good at it.
A: Which you were, by the way.

sex :heart_ace: 


well, this brings back the question of if we are ace or demi

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