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Hi, my name is Niki! I'm a polyamorous panromantic and asexual non-binary trans girl. Also a mouse :mouse_blob_heart:

I love a lot of stuff but my mental health made enjoying it harder. I like video and board games, books and comic books... I enjoy all kinds of creativity, sometimes post my drawings, and am slowly working on a cute PC game. Currently learning to use my drawing tablet better.

My goal is to pet all animals, especially the smol cuties like mouses and spiders πŸ’•πŸ

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If you want to support me for whatever reason, I have paypalme and kofi links set up.

I don't currently need help, just redrafting the post to pin it again because the links got broken. Preferably donate to like bail funds or homeless people or something instead.


ice.... cream...... sand.......... wich.................

so I had a dream that I wouldn't know how to describe as a whole but one part of it was that holly monorail glaceon didn't have time to be herself? so I went to be holly monorail glaceon in her stead? and I got to be tall and also wield the huge golden shield and the huge silver sword that holly monorail glaceon always carries around according to my dream? but I had trouble using those because i'm too smol and not used to big holly monorail glaceon arms?

the peak of my life was when friends and I came to a bowling alley and started playing bowling on our DSs there

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pretty sure sleep is made up and they're just trying to sell us beds even tho we don't need any

I was at a vegan festival once and learned that going vegan is essential to being a good person and being rich is essential to going vegan

maybe if I accept sleep is impossible I won't ever need it again in my whole life

saw a kitty coming back home. a rare sight in this part of the city, there's like none here

cyberpunk delayed until gamers stop being racist

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spicing up my sexts by saying "please run all communications through my union representative"

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a LOT of people were arrested last night after a standoff with police in West Philly. Earlier in the evening, the PPD murdered 27 year old Walter Wallace Jr. They shot him 10 times in front of his mother and other pleading neighbors. burn it down.

good time to donate to the philly bail fund if you can

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