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If you want to support me for whatever reason, I have paypalme and kofi links set up.

I don't currently need help, just redrafting the post to pin it again because the links got broken. Preferably donate to like bail funds or homeless people or something instead.

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I'm Raein Malaa on Ultros if anyone on here wants to play together

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the steam version of cookie clicker is paid?

also there's apparently two games on steam both called achievement clicker

cheesing blue carnival by going afk for 10 mins between acts

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Seminary for the first semester (with initial apartment getting costs put in) would be about $8,000

This is after the tuition grant that the university is giving me.

If I have good grades (as I had bad grades in undergrad due to getting 10 new disabilities while trying to do homework), the tuition grant will increase to it only being $2k a semester.

Also, I'm in the middle of working through the candidacy process for the church to get funds for future semesters that way.

However if any of you would like to help with my costs, feel free to share and talk about me and anything like that.

Money for this would go directly to my savings as to not be mixed up with my other expenses.

I have like.... 3 weeks to see if this is viable. They require my final decision by the 18th.

no one can beat me in chess because i will eat the chess pieces

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The concept of sex and how we apply it is socially constructed. It reflects the social conditions its built it.
And its something we can (and should) take apart, confuse, blur and reimagine.


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There's no such thing as sex
'Sex' isn't some naturally occurring concept. Its a term we all made up and a story we tell ourselves.
Which desires, attractions, touches, bodies and pleasures are considered sexual isn't set in stone.
This become incredibly apparent when you look closer to the edges of what we've socially constructed as sex. Think of the (often invasive and dismissive) question of 'how do (cis) lesbians have sex?'. Or the wonderful world of kinksters that explore feelings most people don't think of a sexual in sexual ways. Or explore things people see as only sexual in non-sexual ways. Think of the western conception of breasts as intrinsically sexual and how that's not at all a universal idea. Think of how some bodies are considered more sexual than others and how sexuality is denied from others.


These thoughts brought to you for #aceweek

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please send our young friend Siddarth funds so they can safely ride the bus to and from school! ticket enforcement has been out in force and itโ€™s unsafe for them to ride without fare currently in racist ass Toronto.

the year is 2024. i now have all ffxiv achievements except the lord of verminion tab is completely empty

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Dishes check! Anything lurking around you that could go to the kitchen?

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