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Hi, my name is Niki! I'm a polyamorous panromantic and asexual non-binary trans girl. Also a mouse :mouse_blob_heart:

I love a lot of stuff but my mental health made enjoying it harder. I like video and board games, books and comic books... I enjoy all kinds of creativity, sometimes post my drawings, and am slowly working on a cute PC game. Currently learning to use my drawing tablet better.

My goal is to pet all animals, especially the smol cuties like mouses and spiders ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ

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If you want to support me for whatever reason, I have paypalme and kofi links set up.

I don't currently need help, just redrafting the post to pin it again because the links got broken. Preferably donate to like bail funds or homeless people or something instead.

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I'm Raein Malaa on Ultros if anyone on here wants to play together

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do you think whoever did the alexander raids music know how amazing they are?

โš ๏ธ lalafell โš ๏ธ

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on, you can follow anyone anywhere on the fediverse.

except the increasing number of instances which defederate it

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i might be depressed but at least i'm pretty

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subtoot of someone who doesn't follow me 

imagine moving to a new instance and it's weirder earth

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if you wear fishnets i automatically have a crush on you

interact with my posts to earn niki points

i hope we discover bringing people back from the dead so we can keep executing bill gates over and over

it's not ending. this is my life now. it was neat back then when i had two functional wrists

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slept in a weird position and now my wrist is dead, help

gamers playing ffxiv: "wow empire is so cool wish I could join them"

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This sucks, and I hate to ask, but I can't pay some upcoming bills and I could use some help so that I can continue to drive my car, use my electricity, and so on.

If you have a spare buck or two, I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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