Doing the stream that should have been done on my birthday but couldn't (thanks work >>). Starting with modded minecraft and then going from there -

Back with more multiplayer with and Dusk from! All three viewpoints are available via the following link as we all go live over the next ten minutes -

Alright, it's stream time. Gonna be taking a look at Sky Factory 4 today. Haven't looked at *anything* related to it (not even the mod list), so this will be fun -

Two hours left on my shift and then I have nine days off so obviously this is going to be the longest two hours of my fucking life.

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God, I want to look up what other music is in this game beyond the demo but I also don't want to spoil it for myself >>

Feeling kinda disheartened about my birthday on Friday. I usually look forward to it because I order out and stream all day but because I have to work (it's a Bank Holiday so everyone else rushed to book the day off before I could) I can't do either of those =(

I know I have next week booked off but it's just not the same...

Had two out of the four songs from the Just Shapes and Beats demo stuck in my head all day >>

Home from work.

Want to stream but too sleepy.

Ugghhhh ;.;

It's time to see what's beyond this world. Going live with my first multiplayer with and Dusk from! -

Today I did a small walking cycle for another game.

I really want to make a platformer game and am talking with @ulvra about mechanics (she also helped a lot making this one)

Also each time I feel not good today, I just look at it running and feel better again.

Because I made this :3

3am. probably should have been in bed a few hours ago but... Eh. feeling kinda low and don't know why.

Alright, let's get going with some PS3 games. Gonna start with some ModNation Racers and go from there.

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