It's Saturday so it's that time again! Going live with more RimWorld and RimConnect! -

Back from a day out in #Centovalli #Ticino - with some pictures of the lovely little trains seen on the #Locarno🇨🇭 to #Domodossola 🇮🇹 narrow-gauge railway line earlier today

Back home from my little outing to pick up meds and now I'm exhausted so gonna pootle around with organising and redoing all the Factorio mods I have installed. Decided to cut out one of the bigger ones so time to see how much else is dependant on that one mod x3

Phone: "Listening to music at high volume can cause damage to hearing, are you sure you want to continue?"
Me: "Shut the FUCK up and play Undefeatable again"

I should get up and go shopping but I'm still ridiculously tired so probably gonna try and sleep a bit longer

The cat just went over to the HomePod mini on my desk, meowed at it, and Siri said "sure here is some music for you" and the cat perched on the window sill listening to Garbage and Elliott Smith.

I just want to know how long this has been going on.

Time to collapse a colony or two, this time with your help/hinderance. Going live with modded RimWorld + RimConnect! -

Also been adding a bunch more mods to the setup since a few I used to use have been discontinued and shifted elsewhere (like the Anthro mod which is now a different thing that relies on the Biotech DLC and has new species and stuff~)

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Might stream some RimWorld tomorrow if I don't have to go out and do anything. Been setting up the RimConnect mod so viewers can influence the colony as it progresses by sending items/events and so on

Hey folks, this is a reminder that in a week the tool in will shut off.

Please see for full information and boost for reach!

TL;DR: you cannot connect new accounts to starting today. By the end of January, the tool will be shut off.

Alrighty, it's Saturday so that means it's stream time! Going live with more Dwarf Fortress! -

Kinda happy with the sandwiches I made for lunch today... Ham, cheese and pickle. Damn nice.

Coming from games like RimWorld definitely helped me with learning but it was still a *very* different experience compared to it. Definitely looking forward to playing more of it =3

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If you missed me learning how to play Dwarf Fortress for the first time a couple of days ago, the VOD is now available on my VOD archive channel!

Time for my first stream of 2023 (finally!) and it's gonna be a fun one. Playing and learning Dwarf Fortress for the first time! -

yeah, no stream today... woke up feeling utterly exhausted and if i had any sensse at all i wouldn't have gotten out of bed but here i am... out of bed...

Got a stream (mostly) planned out for Saturday.

Likely won't be streaming tomorrow because of feeling massively exhausted and overwhelmed but I'll see how I feel when I get up (whenever that might be)

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