Going live with @Terraria_Logic@twitter.com's Journey's End from the very beginning. New character, new world. Let's go. twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Going live with Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart! Starting out playing randomly online and then joining the Retro server in about 40 minutes! twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Got this neat chocolate floor from Sahara today so figured that would work well in the "kitchen".

The sequel to one of my all-time favourite rhythm games (Runner2), Runner3 is just £1.40 on Switch so you bet I picked it up

I think this is going to be the first time I've had a birthday while actively playing an game...

It's time to go again with the EXTRA STAGE! Starting off with No Man's Sky and currently sat at $75, let's raise more money to fight against COVID-19! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

IT'S GO TIME! Help me deliver by joining my live stream today and donating to three
great charities fighting coronavirus around the world! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

And my game is live!

Self.destroy() is about not giving up hope and having to save lives.

A pixelated game, with old friends, new friends and a boss fight!


I'm very proud of that boss fight, so give it a go, if you can :3

Going live with more @SatisfactoryAF@twitter.com with @Meep249@twitter.com! twitch.tv/maxfirestorm

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