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Really messy sketch of 10th Doctor and Rose between work ๐Ÿ’™

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Time's running out to clear a bunch of quests in Fortnite so we're gonna go with that for a shorter-than-usual stream today. (In Zero Build, obviously) - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Stream slightly delayed because this dumbass just woke up

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Turns out Bionic Reading is run by an asshole, who besides trying to lock accessibility behind an unreasonable paywall also threatens similar [free!] projects w/ legal action.

Go support TorepedoRead, they have a Chrome extension incoming! twitter.com/TorpedoGG/status/1

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Welp, bye linktree.

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We're excited about the possibilities of in creator empowerment ๐Ÿ’ช

Today we're launching 3 new features that allow creators to elevate their Linktrees with Web3. We developed some of these features in partnership with @OpenSea@twitter.com ๐Ÿค


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Finally, a keyboard with enough keys for modded Minecraft

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Alrighty, let's get streaming more of @Direwolf20@twitter.com's modded Minecraft pack. Today's plan - Storage; items, power and fluids. - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

slight change of plans for stream today. will be happening but starting late. will also be more minecraft. really not in the right headspace for kingdom hearts today, sorry ><

Stream done for tonight! We have a new base and some vague sense of organisation (about as organised as I get pre-digital storage) and a small power system (literally one solar and a battery, yay).

Might do more Minecraft tomorrow but if not, it's more Kingdom Hearts on Saturday

Alright, let's get going with some more of @Direwolf20@twitter.com's modded Minecraft pack. We've got Stuff(tm) to do. twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

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Get ready for the drop on June 1st on my Itchio! , and packages, full source files with a cinematic ready model, up to 16K textures, custom shaders, YOU NAME IT!

Initial price at $55 CAD (~$43 USD)


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LRT - Put those on a collection with Sonic Pinball Party Sega, you cowards =p

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i might be alone in this, but
Sonic GBA era is so unfairly overlooked itโ€™s downright criminal. the distinct smooth gameplay feel, the visual bite & overall aesthetic; all defined so much of seriesโ€™ core appeal that holds up to this day

these are the actual modern classics to me

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Any time I see someone try to call video games violent or evil I remember this review a father left for Stardew Valley on steam.

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