How long can we live? Going live with a first play of 7 Days To Die with! -

Alrighty, time for another No Man's Sky stream. Gonna be more chill than usual since... well, it's Sunday. =B -

Alrighty, let's go back to doing space adventurey things with more No Man's Sky -

Carrying on with our adventure through space with more No Man's Sky Frontiers! -

Alright, let's get going on a brand new space adventure with No Man's Sky from the very start!

Alright let's craft some mines or whatever it is you do in this game. Going live with more 6 -

"What amusement will we have this evening?" asked the dragon king.

"A sleepy puppy that doesn't want to admit it is sleepy," announced his new human assistant.

"I don't see the amusement factor."


The puppy was placed beside it's favorite ball. It stumbled over, gave a determined nip and flopped on top of it, tail wagging languidly. It did this six more times before nodding off.

"I need the recording on loop."

"Yes sir!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Alright, let's get going with more Enigmatica 6 and Stream Raiders. Gonna see if we can knock out some more quests and stuff today! -

Aaaaalrighty, it's that time of week again so it's time for another stream! Playing more Enigmatica 6 and Stream Raiders!

Love when two teammates go afk and leave the rest of us to get absolutely steamrolled >>

Alrighty, let's get underway and go live with more Enigmatica 6 and Stream Raiders! -

Boy I sure do love spending £400~ to fix a problem with my PC and then finding out that it hasn't actually fixed it...

I mean the parts were needed anyway and certainly aren't being wasted but, y'know... =/

Getting started with more Space Engineers as we head to the moon to make a moon base! -

Going live with getting ready to go and actually do the Space part of Space Engineers today. Fingers crossed there's no accidents =p -

Fucking hell, it's way too fucking warm outside x.x

Mental Health (-) 

Sometimes you just get that singular moment of clarity when something clicks in your mind.

Unfortunately for me, today's moment of clarity is "holy fuck, I really do hate myself, don't I"

Fuck depression, man.

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