Gonna be getting started with more @EliteDangerous@twitter.com VR in a few minutes! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Going to be going live with Elite Dangerous in VR from the very start with HCS @voicepacks@twitter.com in a few minutes! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Going live with more running around Hyrule like I look like I know what I'm doing with more Breath of the Wild. (Spoilers, I have *no* idea) - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Alrighty, let's get going with more Hyrule exploration with Breath of the Wild! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Time to flail around as I try @BeatSaber@twitter.com for the first time live on stream! - twitch.tv/maxfirestorm

Getting set up for the last day of drops in No Man's Sky VR! Will be live in a few minutes! - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Will be streaming more No Man's Sky in VR in a few minutes! Twitch Drops will be active again (New day, new drops, make sure you're set up here - twitch.nomanssky.com/#signup) - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

Time to get going around Hyrule again with more Legend of Zegend: Breath of the Weath

.....I think that's what it's called?


Time for more exploration in Hyrule with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - twitch.tv/MaxFirestorm

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