Eh, fuck it, if they're still on sale when I get paid in 3 weeks, I'll get them

Whoops, someone told me that Starlink Weapon Packs are dirt cheap on Game's website and now I'm sat here with all four of the packs in my basket hovering over the buy button even though I know I can't really afford £20 on stuff I really don't need right now >>;;;;;;

Played more Starlink: Battle for Atlas until I drained the Switch battery. Never really thought I'd get so into one of those toys-to-life games but dammit, I want more weapons >>;

Basically gonna treat myself to a bunch of Switch stuff (online subscription, Minecraft, tabletop dock/charger etc) when I next get paid since that'll be a full payslip...

Also gonna start putting some money away for one of those Elgato HD 60 Pro cards for Switch streaming...

Stuffed full of chip shop goodness. Gonna take the rest of today and tomorrow for myself to rest up and have some fun. Might actually pick up the Switch for the first time in a few weeks...

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I swear if I get through this okay, I'm going to the chip shop for lunch to celebrate, finances be damned.

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"Pro-tip kid: Always make sure the cool back-scratcher you found isn't, in fact, a monkey's paw," whispered a gruff voice.

I looked over at the old... person... with shaggy hair and weathered trenchcoat obscuring most of their face save for their sharp, deep, dark eyes.

"No matter where you find it. Even if it's somewhere familiar. Just don't."

"But what if my back really itches?"

"Then expect to have this conversation in 45 years."

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"What's... this?" the demon asked, puzzled by the shriveled, vaguely pulsating wisp before it.

"My soul, as agreed."

The demon squinted,"It's so... worn out."

"Can we please finish the trade? My kids need food, and new gear for when school starts back up."

"Y'know what? I'll collect in, oh, 10 years... I'll just have to stay in your home to make sure you don't escape. Don't worry, I cook n' clean. Any allergies I should know about?"

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The young woman thought carefully before speaking to the Genie.

"I wish to understand anything I read, no matter the language."

"Your wish is granted."

"I wish for the ability to summon any written work."

"Your wish is granted."

"And I wish to be able to transcribe all that I learn."

"Your wish is granted."

Alexandria took a deep breath. It's not every century a library is reborn with a will of its own. There was so much to rebuild.

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Hey if you want to help me out, give this a boost maybe?

I'm making a game with a pretty unique idea, which is that you play from the viewpoint of a synthetic agent.
It might not be the most "fun" game, in the sense of usual "fun games", but it will be challenging and hopefully teach people.

Just I have also a lot of stress and by spreading it around I might get a little more support and even just $1 from a person would give me a big boost in morale.

Half a day of cleaning then half a day sat behind a checkout.

I miss my free time...

"I operate a None-Of-My-Business."

"And what do you do there?"

"I mind my own business."

"I... think I need some examples."

"Well say... A young couple needs a lot of money fast; I get it for them. A vampire needs to know the age and lineage of a werewolf cheerleader they have their eye on? Done. Someone brings me a foot they don't want it anymore - I get rid of it."

"Where would someone get a foot?!"

"Dunno. None of my business."

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God I miss Sonic Runners...

Sonic Runners Adventure is *okay* but it seems so very watered down compared to the original...

Me: I'm gonna relax for the rest of the night and play the Switch.
Also me: Spends 90 minutes rearranging my campsite on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

I'm good at this, I swear.

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