It's Saturday again so it's time for more Create Astral live on Twitch! -

Hope everyone attending Furality this weekend has fun 💛 One day I'll end up going myself. Maybe.

It's a bank holiday today so Meep is around to do more Create Astral shenanigans live on Twitch in a few minutes! -

It's a big day in Create Astral as it's finally time to start the base redesign live on Twitch in a few minutes -

It's Saturday and it's time for stream! Doing more Create Astral as well as talking about near-future stream stuff! -

#Google just announced that going forward, any account not logged into for two years gets deleted.

This means huge amounts of rare or unique #video is about to disappear from #YouTube as accounts get flagged as inactive, such as when the user dies. Families' #HomeMovies (often posted by an older relative for their family's benefit), historical footage, rare #television clips, etc. What an incalculable loss to human #history and culture!

If there are videos important to you on someone else's video channel, find a way to download them. And if you have rare #media of historical importance, consider leaving it to institutional #archives or lending it to archives for digital preservation.

Having an awful day. Was supposed to go visit my grandma but all but a couple of trains in her direction have been cancelled. Didn't find out until I was at the station across town. Ended up having to come all the way back again.

Once I've cleared my post-op (whether that's at this appointment or another one later down the line), I'm gonna see about streaming more than once a week again...

Of all the things that could have gotten me to listen to Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds again, I wasn't expecting it to be this.

It's Saturday again and it's time for more shenanigans on the moon with Create Astral! -

This coming about an hour before the next stream starts, whoops, thanks YouTube >>;

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Already run down the Switch battery XD enjoying myself so far though.

Been kinda difficult to readjust from the size of the Steam Deck down to the smaller size of the Switch. Feeling a bit cramped in the hands.

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